myralinn (myralinn) wrote,

winter has come and I need to stay warm

Days are getting colder now, it's starting to freeze.

Bad thing is that it increases my eczema. The tempatures changes (coming from outside to inside) causes bumps and makes my skin itch terribly :( it's because my skin suddenly gets too hot, I suppose. I hate scratching but I can't stop it...

Good thing is that I'm still in the same wonderful relationship. It amazes me everyday that there's someone so compatible with me. I loved to go for autumn walks with him, and now I'm looking forward to spend the winter with him. ;)

One of the residents I worked with died on Friday. Like usually it gives me that strange feeling of 'never again'. Although I didn't like that person at all, he wasn't particulary friendly or nice, demanded a lot of attention in a negative way... But it's always strange when someone is gone...

Have a warm winter, all!
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